Eid Mubarak Dietary customs

- Apr 11, 2018-

"Eid Mubarak" is both a celebration of the successful completion of "Ramadan" as the month of Ramadan, and is also a good evening for Muslim families to meet together and meet together. On this day, Muslim men and women need to shower, burn incense, update clothes, go to mosques to participate in the ceremony, and listen to aunts to speak of “Walker” (teaching). After the completion of the service, every family must fry oily incense, mussels, and twists, and some still slaughter chickens and slaughter sheep to cook their own unique dishes in this area. Such as Ningxia Huimin's stewed mutton, soup dumplings, mutton, sweet and sour squid; Xinjiang pilaf, grilled whole sheep; Lanzhou beef noodles, steamed chicken; Xi'an steamed mutton and so on. Friends and relatives meet each other and say goodbye to each other. Some asked Auntie to read the Koran to the side of the tomb of his deceased relatives and friends, to mourn the deceased relatives, in order to mourn and pray that the deceased person of Allaah will enter heaven as soon as possible.

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