Hundreds of Islamic knowledge

- Mar 27, 2018-

  1. The country with the highest number of Muslims is the Republic of Indonesia,About 150 million people;

  2. The earliest introduction of Islam into Indonesia was the year of Bemisi-Suri (1424);

  3. The earliest Khan believed in Islam was Sutu Kok. Prague Khan (912-955), his mausoleum in Atushi, Xinjiang;

  4. The Arabian Peninsula is located in the southwest of Asia and covers an area of more than 300 square kilometers. The cradle of Islam is the largest peninsula in the world;

  5. The Umayyad Dynasty was the most glorious period in the development of Islamic architectural art (661-750);

  6. The earliest inn in the history of Islam, built in 728 AD (1350) in the Eixample period, near the Xisil Palace in the Chassem period;

  7. The most famous and prolific calligrapher in Turkey was Hafiz Ali in 1693;

  8. The earliest sect in the history of Islam is the Khalidhi school (intention to leave);

  9. It was Ibn Mughlai who first summarized the standards of Arabic calligraphy art;

  10. The best letters for the Arabic alphabet are Nasser al-Ahmy and Yehaya Yaam;

  11. The earliest scholar of Arabic linguistics was Ahmad Hbyler;

  12. There are five best times to pray to Allah, Ramadhan and Geidel at night. The night comes;

  13. Good believers, to enjoy Allah’s greatest reward;

  14. The most basic characteristic of Allah is the uniqueness;

  15. The most basic attribute of Allah is kindness;

  16. Allah’s liquidation of good and evil for everyone is the quickest, the strictest, and the fairest;

  17. Giving to Allah is the most precious;

  18. Mu Sheng said that According to Allah, the best partner is one of the most compassionate peers among them, and the best neighbor is among them the most kind to leaders;

  19. Mu Sheng said that people can enter the paradise with the fear of Allah and virtue, and those who revoked the best date of Ramadan, who will become the most blessed;

  20. Prophet Muhammad left the world’s Muslims with two most valuable spiritual treasures, namely, the “most” of the noble classics of Allah and the most touching saint’s legacy;

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