Interpretation Of Company Logo

- Mar 09, 2018-

The main shape of our Logo is an ancient Chinese lithography;it is an artistic inosculation both thumbprint and credit. The appearance of seal can be dated back four thousand years ago; it is one of the profound traditional Chinese culture and art forms. In modern times, it is still be considered as a wildly form of social credit. The sign of Logo not only contains traditional Chinese style, but also reflects the long history of “credit” in china.

The main basic color of our Logo is red; it shows enthusiasm, vigorousness to our undertaking.

The key point of the whole Logo is “Credit”, because our belief is honesty and credit. “Man will accomplish nothing without honesty” (comes from << Analects of Confucius>>). The calligraphic style of “Credit” is traditional Chinese official script, reflecting the inviolability of our business principle.

The figure of Logo is smooth and has a reasonable proportion, the Irregular lithography and the inviolable “Credit” makes the whole Logo more impressive, the most important is that the most basic thing for business is credit.

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