Xi'an Credit Company Development History

- Mar 07, 2018-

Established in August 16, 2002, the company was formerly known as the International Trade Department of Xi’an Northwest Textile Market. In May, 12th, 2010, it was renamed Xi’an Credit Trade Co., Ltd. with 8 years’ foreign trade history.

Relying on the Northwest Textile Products Trading Center and over 150 industries of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hebei, Anhui, Fujian, Guangdong Province, we are mainly engaged in folk handcrafts, gifts and toys, food and drink, acridine, plant extracts, pharmaceutical intermediates, medicines & health products, medical appliance, hardware tools, tubular product, plastics, textile, leather ware, presswork, household articles, upholstery and clothing, etc.

1. in August 16th, 2002. Xi'an Northwest Textile Market formally established, our precursor     started to set foot in international trading.

 2. in March 15th, 2003. We established a unified our business website and adopted a unified tax system.

3. in September 1st, 2003. Our Business Analysis System was set up, and the modern marketing supporting services was taken to shape.

 4. in November 18th, 2005. Our international department signed a strategic cooperation agreement with foreign alliances of Russia.

 5. in April 9th, 2006. Our international department participated in the Nordic Business Trade Fair.

 6. in May 6th, 2008. We are awarded the Gold Supplier by the United Arab Emirates.

 7. in May 12th, 2010. After the transformation, the International Trade Department was formally renamed Xi’an Credit trade Co., Ltd.

 8. in May 15th, 2010. Xi’an Credit trade Co., Ltd. signed the cooperative agreements with Alibaba and entered into E-commerce.

 9. in June 1st, 2010. Our B2B e-commerce platform was launched.

 10. in June 12th, 2010. Our home page http://www.xiancredit.com.cn was launched,

 11. in June 17th, 2010. Our business quantitative criteria and performance measures began to be implemented.

 12. in June 19th, 2010. More than 400 products in 28 series began to upload to our Show Room in E-commerce Platform.

 13. In May12th,2011 Our company's first independent websitehttp://www.xakdt.com was launched,

 14. in July 13th,2012 Our manager Participate in the 2nd Xi'an Fair

 15. in Aug 30th,2012 Our company Participate in western cross-border trade procurement

 16. In Mid-Jan,2013 Participate in the Middle East (Dubai) International Labor Insurance Products Exhibition

 17. In  Oct, 2013  Participate in the Lagos Textile Expo in Nigeria

 18. In May,2014   Participate in Spring Canton Fair

 19. In Oct,2013    Participate in Autumn Canton Fair

 20. In April 14th, 2016 Participate in the launching ceremony of the Middle East Trade Platform (Shaanxi)

 21. In June 28th, 2016 Our Company employees to expand outdoor training

 22. In Nov 05th, 2016 Our company To become Shaanxi product network cooperation enterprises

 23. In Nov 18th, 2016 Our company's Main product is published in Turkish magazines

 24. In March 14th, 2017 Foreign Express and the company's second independent website

 http://www.prayingrug.com was launched,

 25. In May 05th,2017 Participate in the 2017 Shaanxi Xi'an Silk Expo Fair


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